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Sustainable Development Project: Pond Rehabilitation

Lin Merage's latest projects have been centered around enhancing existing environments found on property lots. The aim of this is to nurture and improve the features that can serve both sustainability and nature. Lin Merage made notes that, oftentimes in real development projects across the world - the site's pre-existing qualities were often dilapidated or threatened with complete re-development efforts. The expense of resources and time used to replace these natural features often did not make sense for sustainability goals. Land development companies and contractors would expend more gas, funds, and man-hours which ultimately left more of a footprint. After observing this, Lin Merage started to beware of land development projects that haphazardly replaced its natural environment. Upon looking for solutions, an intriguing sustainable development project came about from a consultation with the Core Army of Engineers. Pond Rehabilitation.

This type of endeavor showcased the idea of taking original environmental conditions and working them seamlessly with new land development. For this example, a pond was creating a site condition that traditional land development would have drained and leveled. But the Core Army of Engineers suggested a more sustainable path. Integrating the pond as a part of the water retention solution. This saves land development teams from extra remediation costs to remove the pond and replace it by retrofitting the pond with drainage use. On top of all that, the pond will also be able to see aesthetic improvements on top of the capital ones.

The pond will now serve a function and can be displayed with environmentally enriching characteristics. Installing river rock, boulders, tall decorative grass, perennials, and flowering plants all around the area. Even more, the pond can have landscaping integrated with the new development site by adding a small dock. All of this will be possible as the shores and function of the pond with being reinforced. Ideas such as this are sustainably responsible and should be considered for not only the benefit of the environment but also the benefit of the project timeline and cost.

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