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Lin Merage has started and managed several successful business ventures throughout her career. With sustainability and health as the base of her operations, Lin Merage founded companies that give back to the community. See her portfolio of successful operations here.

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SSRE Sustainable Real Estate

SSRE is a real estate development company that builds sustainable and forward-thinking properties. By using the best available tools, materials, and methods SSRE aims to create healthy homes and offices to live alongside a healthy planet. SSRE builds and manages sustainable real estate, using the best available tools and resources to create healthy homes and offices and a healthy planet.

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Nature In Sync Evolutions

Nature In Sync Evolutions Inc. is located in Centennial, CO. Our goals include investing in Sustainable Projects, Developments, and Eco Renovations for both residential and commercial. We are interested in partnering with innovators and creators of Sustainable Concepts. NISE has a focus on Environmental related projects and investments. NISE-RE has a focus on Sustainable Real Estate projects. 

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