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Lin Merage Discusses Denver SUDP Updates

New development and redevelopment projects in Denver are continually subjected to a long list of requirements, criteria, approvals, and fees. At nearly every stage of a land development project, a real estate investor group or owner can expect city officials to be involved. Even before construction begins real estate investors will have to follow strict guidelines from the City and County of Denver with the help of their development team. For example, every new construction project in Denver must provide documentation regarding the updates to the site's Sewer Usage and Drainage. Lin Merage has often found that items like these during the pre-construction phase can severely affect a project timeline and potentially the scope.

Sewer Use and Drainage Permits (SUDP)

As mentioned, any new construction or redevelopment projects need approval from various departments overseeing the City and County of Denver’s neighborhood development. The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) is responsible for Denver's stormwater and sanitary systems. When a new development or redevelopment is proposed, those real estate investors and development teams must show that their project will fit within the existing infrastructure and resource usage is within boundaries. Through Civil Engineering and Site Development Plans, calculations and specifications are reviewed by Denver’s Wastewater Engineering team. If everything is acceptable, then the project will be supplied a Sewer Use and Drainage Permit or SUDP.

What does a SUDP cover?

Wastewater Engineering review and approval is required for all new major development and redevelopment in the City and County of Denver involving the following:

  • Sites and development of one-half acre or more

  • Sanitary sewer lines

  • Storm lines

  • Drainage channels

  • Water quality facilities

Construction of projects is managed through the combined efforts of Development Services and the Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Wastewater Management Division.

Why are SUDPs a concern for real estate developers?

A SUDP is just one of many reviews within a very long process in order to develop land in Denver. Real Estate Investors and Developers should be aware of these certain requirements as they can affect the timeline of a project and even change major aspects of a build. Obtaining any permit within Denver will have development teams working back and forth with the city’s own reviewers. The correspondence about the documents and specifications will be lengthy. If multiple rounds of comments are had, development teams can expect months in turnaround time for the actual approval of a SUDP. naturally, time is of the essence for any project and will hurt funding. Lin Merage has had plenty of experience navigating Denver’s permitting processes including the process for SUDP. This is why she finds it imperative to partner with those who are experienced and can provide insight for a land development project.

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